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Der Proyecto Business Management Empleos vacantes en Hsbc Ciudad de México

Der Proyecto Business Management
Ciudad de México DIF
17 Apr, 2018 3 days ago

Hsbc Ciudad de México requiere con urgencia la posición de Der Proyecto Business Management siguiente. Por favor, lea este anuncio de trabajo cuidadosamente antes de aplicar. Hay algunas calificaciones, experiencia y habilidades requisito de que los empleadores requieren. Hace tu trayectoria profesional encaja con estos requisitos? Asegúrese de que entiende el papel que está solicitando y que se adapta a sus habilidades y calificaciones.

Siga las instrucciones en línea, completar todos los campos necesarios, y proporcionar toda la información pertinente para que su solicitud sea presentada correctamente. Al hacer clic en el botón 'Apply this Job' (abre en ventana nueva) se le llevará al formulario de solicitud en línea. Aquí se le pedirá que proporcione datos personales y de contacto, responder a preguntas relacionadas con el empleo, y mostrar cómo usted cumple con los criterios de selección clave.

Der Proyecto Business Management Empleos vacantes en Hsbc Ciudad de México Empleos Detalles:


Business Performance Management RBWM
Role Profile Date:

Job Title:

RBWM Performance Project Manager
GHRS Job Code:

New or Existing Role? X New o Existing

Position Classification:

Role Holder’s Name
Current Global Career Band:

Proposed Global Career Band:

Immediate Supervisor’s Name & Role Title

Head of Business Steering Mexico

Customer Segment & Location

MEXICO – Business Steering

Role Purpose

This position is for a Project Manager in the Strategic Project Management Office “Business Steering” at RBWM Mexico.
The Project Management Office of RBWM has the responsibility to assist department’s trough HSBC in the impact analysis and implementation of significant Sustainable growth projects (Profitability, Income, Quality and Efficiency) and to undertake the transformation project management of RBWM as directed by the Business Performance Office ensuring to be aligned with Target Business Model.

Principal Accountabilities: Key activities and decision making areas

Typical KPIs and targets

Business Impact
1.- Performance Improvement trough:
A) Ensure achievement of AOP
B) Ensure long-term sustainable growth
C) Drive strategic initiatives to deliver plan performance:
- Sales productivity
- Capacity assessment: restructuring, reorganization
- Branch network optimization
D) Liaise with BM area to agree the variable remuneration model
A) AOP accomplishments (Sales & P&L for RBWM)
B) Order book certified benefits accomplishment.
- AOP Sales model distribution for RBWM
- Branch Investment Profile
- Post Implementation Review
- Branch Productivity Trends
- Branch layouts analysis
D) Alignment of AOP Sales Model distribution with variable remuneration Schemes for RBWM Mexico to achieve the objectives established by the Business Performance Office.

Customers / Stakeholders
1.-Internal Customer Service Quality
a) Ensure the quality of information provided to internal customers on time
2.-External Customer Service Quality
i) Implement Branch Service Models based on customer needs.
a) SLA accomplishment with internal customers and opportunity information analysis (Financial Impact for branch closures, Global Standard Business Case for New Branches)
i) RBWM sales model distribution based on micro-markets for each branch context, Branch Investment Profile based on Socio Economical behavior to define the right branch layout capacity model to satisfy the customer needs.

Leadership & Teamwork
1.-Natural leadership on project implementation based on talent growth and efficient use of potential hard and soft skills from teamwork
2.-Eficcient team working trough institutional policies focuses on strategic objectives
1/2.-Team working environment and engagement index.

Operational Effectiveness & Control
1.-Operational Effectiveness on every responsibility
2.-Clear and complete control on business usual activities
1.-Planning methodology follow up with specific dates, milestones, status and benefits
2.-Internal control documents that support the periodical activities.

Major Challenges (The challenges inherent in the role that require a continual test of the role holder’s abilities)

The role holder has to be efficient on the management of projects to be implemented considering the strategic of Business Performance Office and RBWM Vision simultaneously with the internal team synergy to accomplish the expectative in efficiency requirement information.

Role Context (The environment and operating conditions of the role including the extent of guidance and authority)

Internal Customers
  • Business Performance Office
  • Business Performance Directions
  • Branch Network
  • Contact Centre
  • Direct Channels
  • Customer Value Management
  • Payroll Acquisition & Distribution
  • Internal Control
  • Wealth Management
  • Finance
  • HR
External Customers
  • Consultant entities
  • Regulatory entities

Management of Risk (Operational Risk / FIM requirements)

  • Maintains HSBC internal control standards, including the timely implementation of internal and external audit points together with any issues raised by external regulators.
  • To be alert to operational risks and losses during the execution of the day to day responsibilities. To become aware of emerging or inadequately controlled operational risk or identify an operational risk loss and must report it to the line manager, ensuring that it is reported to the local Operational Risk Co-ordinator.
  • Conduct with honesty, integrity and fairness in performing the tasks set
  • Ensure the right bank safeguard information as the most important asset for the company
  • To secure the data used in accordance with regulatory requirements, HSBC policies and provisions of the Code of Conduct of HSBC.
  • Do not engage in any activity that may denoted misconduct, and report any fraud related behavior through channels to report fraud that are available in the area.
  • HSBC normative curses: Operational Risk, Too Hot to Handle, BCP & other normative curses
  • HSBC Regulatory programe

Observation of Internal Controls (Compliance Policy / FIM requirements

  • Align with regulations regarding Group Compliance and Operational Control as shown in the GSM, the FIM's for each function and implementation of the points of internal and external audit to prevent operational losses.
  • Process document support (SLA & Internal Instructive)
  • Analysis and control for existing process
  • Avoidance, tracking and solutions for projects required by the Business Performance Office
  • Time administration
  • Logistic and implementation of every project
  • Analysis, propositions and implementation of business improvements working on with other directions of Business Performance Office aligned with the strategy
  • Deployment opportunity information in local/global normative requirements

Role Dimensions (e.g. balance sheet size, lending/expenditure limits, size/volume of transactions, budget. in USD’000 )

- AOP accomplishments (Sales & P&L for RBWM)
- AOP Sales model distribution for RBWM
- Post Implementation Review
- Branch Productivity Trends for Branch Network management
- Branch layouts model
- AOP Sales distribution based on markets with the variable remuneration Schemes as productivity engine.
- Sustainable cost reduction (Network Development closure plan, FTE reduction plan - BCG, paperless initiatives & others from order book)
- Adjustment and tracking for benefits delivered and planned for RBWM business initiatives as Branch Network Closures, Global Standard Business Cases for New branches and Post Implementation Review tracking & RBWM Cost allocation drivers)

Headcount reporting to this role



Knowledge & Experience / Qualifications ( For the role – not the role holder. Minimum requirements of the role.)

  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Bachelor on Economic / Administrative or Engineering (1 year of experience in project management)
  • Experience on financial system 1+ year
  • English fluency
  • Coach and mentor project manager
  • Communication faculty
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills
  • Advanced knowledge of customer service issues and service
  • Knowledge of institutional software and tools (Microsoft Office Advance)



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